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For people who *want* to contribute: Please register by going to UserSettings. You'll need to do this if you want to create new pages or edit existing ones. It's also a good idea to read the WikiStyleGuide first.

Please also have a look at the scripting mentors page if you are willing to help others in-game.
''ChiChi Violet''
782 "Numbers" Naumova
Aakanaar LaSalle
Ace "Howdy" Reikaz
Adam Zaius
Ag3nt "1337" Case
Aldar "You shroomer!" Rayner
Alexander "empty string" Daguerre
Alphons "LSLeditor" Jano from the Netherlands
Ama "Casino" Omega
"Andy" Tomsen
Angela Salome
April "Schroedenberg's Uncertain Cat Principle" Heaney
Argent "John Pallister" Smith
Arthur "Point, Click, Repeat" Fermi
Ash "Lskcab" Byrne
AyAn4m1 "Phr34k" Noir Not playing anymore
Beatfox Xevious
Bel "POG" Muse
Bino Arbuckle
Brian Livingston
Brian Mifflin
Buckminster Hamilton
BuhBuh "uh uh uh" Cuh
Burnman "BVS" Bedlam
Catherine "Behind you right now" Omega
Chad "Nexcom" Statosky
Chage "SimCrasher" McCoy
Chandra "Tiramisu" Page
Chris Knox
Christopher "Sandbox" Omega
Chromal "Kodachrome" Brodsky
Cid "String of a Cid_Length" Jacobs
Cienna Rand
Cirr "Did I blow up the sim again?" Marat
Citizen "El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing" Dreamscape
Cross "I'm not mad!" Lament
Dave "Zave Deeman" Zeeman
Dedric "Go go gadgeter" Mauriac
Devon "Friggin" Cassidy
Dolus "Doesn't Care What You Think" Naumova
Draconis "We need Mono!" Neurocam
Dunsel "I Want Hinging Back" Hodgson
Eep "BoObEh" Quirk
Ezhar "Weatherman" Fairlight
Echo "Echo" Omega
Escort "Seijaku" DeFarge
Fearless "Humility Is My Middle Name" Leader
Foxdie "Can I Touch You?" Ghia
FoxParadise "The Crafty Fox" Kidd
FreqOut "XMLRPC2Prim" Manray
Gabriel "Unretrofied" Spinnaker
Gene "Superslacker" Poole
Guzar "Not Gunzar" Fonzarelli
Hank "Doc" Ramos
Hans Baldwin
Hawkster "Freakin' Awesome" Westmoreland
Hillary "Trouble" Melville
Hiro Yamamoto
Holger "the Genius" Bowman
His Grace
Ibrew "and drink" Meads
Ione "Ruin Lord" Lameth
Ice "World Map" Brodie
Jam "I hate Scripting" Meili
Jesrad "Who ?" Seraph
Jillian "Fraidycat" Callahan - Wishes she were playing all the time!
Jim "Monkey" Bunderfeld
Jippen "Furball" Faddoul
Jordan Cotton

Julian "Vito 'The Icepick' Garbanzo" Fate
Justice "state_vicious" Monde
Kafka "I AM mad!" Solvang
Kaira "BuildTexture&Script Angel" Overdrive
Kaluura "Big Head" Boa
Keiko "Wiki sounds like Japanese" Rau
Keilaron "All about standards" Tomba
Keknehv "Woops" Psaltery
Kex "Fun Size" Godel
Malarthi "Watching the TG longer than you!" Behemoth
MarcoBoom Douglas
Marine "Your cutest PITA" Kelley
Max "Oops" Case
Maxx "King of Plywood" Monde
Mechageo "A Giant Robot Stepped On My House" Dannunzio
Michael "Wikis a verb" Small
Ming "No one likes me" Chen
Mo "Pass It Foward" Hax
Moleculor "Firefly" Satyr
Neo "Stalker Extraordinaire" Rebus
Olmy "Overkill" Seraph
Patch "doodles" Lamington
Psyke Phaeton
Rade "Christopher Armstrong" Galatea
Ready "Anchor King" Jack
Rysidian Rubio
Robert "Bob Luchi" Luchador
Ryan "1 2 step" Dayton
Schitso "Ziggy Boogey Doog" Monkey
Shadow "where is he" Gretzky
Silicon "Dan Linden: How did you crash it?" Plunkett
Siobhan Taylor
SiRiS Asturias
Stefan "Big Swede" Nilsson
Stone "Bigger Than Yours" Mason Still playing.
St. Psaltery
Strife "BlindWanderer" Onizuka
Tateru Nino
Timeless "Multi Gadget" Prototype
Tinker "Fidget" Thetan
Tomithe Aeon
vaguegirl "By Me, For Me, About Me" Petty
vanler "Save the hippos" Odets
Velox "Calculated" Severine
Vicero "I Like Cookies" Lambert
Wednesday "Dr. Funkalicious" Grimm
WolfWings "He crashed ANOTHER sim?!?" Majestic
Xylor "Text Master" Baysklef
Zach "Vehicle Lover" Zamboni
ZenMondo "CodePoet" Wormser
Gr33NMouS3 'Script-a-holic' Ragu

Give yourself a middle name, it's fun - WG
Emphasis on self eh WG?? ;) - A'C'O
It's a wiki, if I made a mistake, fix it ;) - WdfG
lol this is fun
Yes its real fun - Vicero

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But my eyes have been! KeknehvPsaltery
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