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I have been scripting in LSL since December 2002. My mentors included Nada Epoch, BuhBuhCuh Fairchild and my printed copy of the LSL manual.

I don't get on SL as much as I used to, but an IM ingame will reach me fairly quickly. I am glad to help with scripting issues of all kinds, my strength is logic and data structures as well as finding someone who does know what you need to know. I have all but dropped off the face of the forums. My evil employment company actually expects me to do work or something and I don't get as much forum time. That also means I don't get much post to wiki time either.

Still respond to IMs and I have a good chunk of island now somewhere in world. Alek has already terraformed the bejeepers out of it.

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Use %%(lsl) to mark code lsl code blocks! Ezhar is my hero.

(Yes, Catherine I referred to it as just Wiki, just for you)
I'm going to come to your house and kill you, Ama. -- All my love, Cat
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