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string AakanaarLaSalle(integer donation, key id, string name)

Returns a thank you for the donation. If id is not NULL_KEY, and is an agent, then a Thank You Notecard is delivered to id. If name is not an empty string, the Notecard is Personalized with the name provided.

touch_start(integer tnum)
  string reply = AakanaarLaSalle(250, llDetectedKey(0), llDetectedName(0));
  llSay(0, reply);
This will make the object say: "Thank You your_name for your generous donation." and a notecard with the same line will be given to your inventory.

Note: As of 10-01-2006 this function appears to be not working. There are a lot of scripts that are broken currently because of this, but Linden reports that they are working to fix this as quickly as possible. In the meantime you'll have to use the standard llGiveMoney() function instead.

I've been in the habbit in most of my programming to start variables with a short 2 or 3 letter abbreviation of the variable type. You will notice I use strVariable for strings, lstVariable for lists, vctVariable for vectors, clrVariable for colors, etc. I tend to carry this over to functions, though I still am not happy with my choices for abreviations. In my Strided Lists code I used fnc for function. I may try uf for user function. Since ll is used for Linden Library, the thought had crossed my mind to use letters of the paticular library or script I am writing, but I'm not sure that will work out every single time. If anyone has any ideas that might be better, please let me know. - Aak

Programming in PHP, Perl, C, C++, LSL, HTML, XHTML, CSS
Certified Computer Geek with Comptia A+ certification

Web Page: (Yes I have a domain named after my char.. actually I named the char after my domain) - I havn't got much there. I really need to do something with that domain. But, you can find more about me on This Page.

Games Played:
Everquest, NeverWinter Nights

Lives Lived:
Second Life!!!

I think I should go sign up for a MySpace page. Since I'm signed up here, I think I may qualify as a Geek.

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