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LSL Wiki : llSay

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llSay(integer channel, string text)

Says text on the specified chat channel. The range is a 20m radius sphere.

Note: A long string for text will be truncated to 1023 bytes.

This function does not incur a delay in the script.

llSay(0, "Hello Avatar!");

Chat Output:
Hello Avatar!

Like avatars, objects can use "/me" on channel 0. Thus, if an object named "Your dog" had a script with the line:
llSay(0, "/me wants steak.");

The chat output would be:
Your dog wants steak.

Scripts with listens will get the text exactly as it was typed in. In the above example, a script listening on channel 0 would get the message "/me wants steak".

Scripts can chat directly to the debug output window by using the DEBUG_CHANNEL constant:
llSay(DEBUG_CHANNEL, "Hello Avatar");


DEBUG_CHANNEL 2147483647

If using this function to only communicate information back to the script owner, please consider using llOwnerSay instead to help reduce chat spam.

Q: Why doesn't my object pick up its own spoken chat text in its listen() event?
A: Objects do not 'hear' themselves talk. This helps prevent infinite loops which would probably happen often if objects could hear themselves. For example, if your script returned a message saying 'Unknown command', you could go into an infinite loop easily if you didn't filter out 'Unknown command'. This applies to all of the local chat functions: llWhisper, llSay, and llShout.
A: On the other hand, if you WANT your object to hear itself talk (perhaps as some odd form of procedure call), use link messages. If your message has to be heard by others too, just throw an llSay in the link_message event.
A "Different prims in the same linkset (so in 1 object) can hear eachother. This means answer 1 is wrong an object can hear itself a prim can't." [Soundless Smalls]

Q: How come when sometimes i do a repeated llSay my message doesnt get through and the object doesnt output anything?
A: There seems to be a cap on how many messages you can say before the simulator blocks your llSay calls, after approx. 4000 repeated says, llSay silently fails. and any use of llSay there on after in that simulator will be blocked with no notification or warning. I will post more definite data as i test this more extensively. -Mainframe1
A: You may also be flooding the event queue

Compare with llWhisper, llShout, llOwnerSay, llRegionSay, llInstantMessage and llMessageLinked

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