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Hi there .. you have visited my user page .. you must be bored or nuts, either way.

my inworld name is AdorableLunatic Agnon or otherwise known as Lyndell Aleixandre
the first name is my primary account but after discovering that i cannot use the forums with that account for some strange reason .. (and no i was not banned, infact i have never used the forums with that name) i decided to create an ALT for myself to properly use the forums (read, not post) this alt is lyndell aleixandre .. and is my main avatar now although i still use my old account.

this was AFTER i asked the lindens to look into it several times, back before Linden Labs didnt give 2 farts about customer support.

to this day it has still not been resolved.

thats my life story, now for somthing of my real life ... i am a programmer /software architect getting the hang of this horrible language called lsl, im quite adept now.
inworld i am a sim administrator for hire, i know about lag, i know allot about it and im anal for removing it, however .. i like weapons, so . theres a bit of irony.

i mostly specialise inworld with lists, communications, sensors, and anything else EXCEPT rotations, math etc ... although i do know about them i avoid them allot and will shoot you if you ask me about them ;-)

this concludes the medeocre introduction to my user page, if you are still bored look closely at the dot below and turn your head to the side .. if you concentrate long enough and stare enough , you will see the matrix and a hippo will appear hehind you and try to do very inappropriate things to your rear end... watch out.

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