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This page contains information pertaining to the LSL Wiki itself. If you're looking for the actual content, go back to the homepage.

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2005-05-05: Installed patches fixing the actions\header.php problem, as well as a syntax highlighting file updated to 1.6.3.

2005-05-04: Thanks to JimLinden for fixing the last remaining issue the wiki was having here at As of now, we can view past revisions and easily revert pages. (See the "Show revisions" link at the bottom of every page.) Thanks for your help, Jim!

2005-03-11: To make pages editable only by registered users, set the edit ACLs to "?".

2004-09-15: When viewing comments, there is now a "Delete this comment" link after each of your own comments. Also removed some junk from the delete handler. -Ez

2004-09-03: Added the missing CSS classes for colorized tables. This should make large tables like llSetPrimitiveParams somewhat easier to read.

2004-08-28: Added a favicon.ico file and a Mycroft search applet. "What's that yellow thing? Why does it suck so much?" It's a cube. It's got little "angry" eyes. Bad... geometry? No? Shut up, I hate you all. "Good job, Cat". Oh, and I also took the liberty of making the icons background transparent. Ama wishes it had a mohawk. MoleculorSatyr wishes it was grey, so it could be all alien-ish. Chris likes it as it is, good work nekochan :-3 (-roar-)

Rewrote the LSL syntax highlighter from scratch. It now officially kicks ass. Also changed the colors to be a bit more contrasting. -Ez


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