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This page was created to make it easier to find questions that need to be answered throughout the wiki.
Since the wiki is getting quite big, it was best to make one location where questions can be reposted then answered on their own pages.

General formatting:

For example:
Is there a maximum length to a variable's name?

Note that this is not a place to post answers to these questions. Rather, post the answer to the wiki page that's linked to before the question and remove the question from here.
If you see a question on a wiki page that needs answering and can't answer it, post it here.

Is there any wasy we can prevent user pages from showing up on the wanted pages? =\ It seems unecessary, and prevents the wanted page from being used for its intended purpose.
Has anyone tested if declaring variables outside of loops helps speed things up?
Is this in local or global coordinates? It's in whichever form you used when you called llSetForce. Yes, we know that it's occasionally annoying. --KeknehvPsaltery
Anyone have more detail on the rate of impulse?
Do not use with vehicles. Why not? What happens?
Does DATA_SIM_RATING actually work? If I look at the key, I'm getting back all zeroes, which gets eaten by dataserver, rather than returning a definitive string of UNKNOWN... anyone know?
Sorry it only works in preview (i'll mark it as such)
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