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LSL Wiki : llSetForce

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llSetForce(vector force, integer local);

Sets the force to be continuously applied on the (attached) object. When local is TRUE then force is relative to the object's own (potentially rotated) axes; when FALSE it is relative to the simulator's axes.

The object must be physical for this to take effect. See physics for information on how forces affect physical objects.

If you want only an impulse, use llApplyImpulse instead.

You can also set force and torque simultaneously by using llSetForceAndTorque.

Do not use with vehicles.


To levitate an object, apply an upwards force proportional to its mass. Rez a prim, enable physics, and execute the following in a script:
float mass = llGetMass(); // mass of this object
float gravity = 9.8; // gravity constant
llSetForce(mass * <0,0,gravity>, FALSE); // in global orientation

The prim will now appear weightless and still possess inertia.
Note: With large/very massive objects, the object may not have enough energy to sustain the continuous force and will still fall to the ground.

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