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LSL Wiki : physical

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Physical is the attribute associated with objects and prims that enables physics (essentially, enables inertia--gravity). It is set with the "Physical" checkbox in the edit-object dialog box or using the LSL functions llSetStatus (STATUS_PHYSICS) or llSetPrimitiveParams. By default physical is disabled.

Physical tasks may be moved and rotated using kinetic functions. For a complete listing, see dynamics.

A physical object will come to a halt (settle)--and even lose its physical status if it interpenetrates something in the process of settling--but it depends on the object's velocity and/or llSetBuoyancy. An object with a continuous impulse/collision will tend to never settle (unless it interpenetrates something). A negatively buoyant object proportionally bounces around more before it settles. A physical joint sometimes never settles or can settle quickly depending on what's around (still researching it but joints are flaky (Actually, now joints are gone).

Another potentially useful observation about physical objects is that they can currently exist at z-coordinates up to 4096.0m before being considered off-world and returned to the owner's lost and found folder.

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