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The Linden Scripting Language (LSL) is used for creating interactive content in Second Life.

LSL is a simple, yet powerful scripting language, used to attach behaviors to the objects found in Second Life. It follows the familiar syntax of a C/Java-style language, is event-driven, features states, 3D variable types (vector and quaternion), as well as a variety of built-in functions for manipulating physics and avatar interaction. LSL is also missing some features found in those languages--most notably arrays (but there is a list type; a one-dimensional array) and user-defined constants.

Multiple scripts may also be attached to the same object, allowing a style of small, single-function scripts to evolve, which leads to scripts that perform specific functions (hover, etc.) and allows scripts to be combined to form new behaviors.

Want to learn LSL? Take a look at the crash course, some example scripts, and the Style Guide.

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