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An attachment is any object that is nonphysical and has been attached (via the user's command, either through their inventory or a pie menu, or by a script using llAttachToAvatar) to any attachment point on the avatar's body. An attachment may contain scripts and can be edited like a standard object--the one exception is that its position and rotation are local to the avatar it is attached to, so values can't be manually entered for its position or rotation in the editor. LSL is now able to edit position and rotation of an attachment. - Ice

There are 38 points to attach objects: 30 on the avatar's body, and 8 HUD attachments. For a full list, see llGetAttached.


Functions Purpose
llAttachToAvatar attaches an object to avatar
llDetachFromAvatar detaches an attachment, sending it to the wearer's inventory
llGetAttached returns the attachment's current attachment point
llGetPermissions returns which permissions have been granted (for attaching/detaching use PERMISSION_ATTACH)
llGetPermissionsKey returns the key of the agent to which permissions have been granted
llRequestPermissions requests permissions (for attaching/detaching use PERMISSION_ATTACH)

Event Triggered when
  • object is attached
  • object is detached
  • user logs in with object already attached
  • object is rezzed
  • object is attached from inventory
  • user logs in with object already attached
  • permissions are granted.

Functions | Agent/Avatar
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