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Got a suggestion or feature request for the wiki? Post it here, along with your name and the date. Read about implemented suggestions on LSLWiki.

Post to the suggestions forum! Friday, 2004-04-23 by CatherineOmega

__Make__ [[WikiFormatting]] (or ''at least some'') //work// ##in## headers.


I can add a strikethrough tag, like so:

--monkey-- renders as monkey.

But we'd have to change every page where people used -- before. Do we want this?

Do people use strikethrough enough to warrant adding wiki markup for it? And if it is warranted, is it really necessary to use --? Other characters might be less intuitive but at least they wouldn't require modification of old pages.

would be nice... but not sure what the format you would use for it as -- is a bad set of characters to use. - BW

separate SpeedTweaks page

Maybe create a seperate SpeedTweaks page instead of lopping them on the StyleGuide. -Chris 4/24/04

Debug section

How about a Debug section that details EVERYTHING like... what? :), in which LL employees could come and contribute for us. -Dave Zeeman 4/30/04
Actually, I think there might be an official combination user manual and tech support wiki in the near future. -- Cat
Really? That would be neat. My question is though, would there be as much user input if it was 'official'? Or would people be more afraid to edit? -- Ama
I think it wouldn't be as freeform as the LSL wiki is, but that it would let users edit the pages that mattered. -- Cat

messy homepage

I feel the HomePage is becoming a mess. There's too much going on. When I first visited two months ago, it was much simpler and more accessible. Now, I worry about whether new visitors will be turned off. The use of bold link names seems arbitrary and I feel a number of the links shouldn't be on the HomePage, but rather somewhere else. Also, I don't see a need for Debug to have it's own table heading.

-BuckminsterHamilton, 5/2/04

Agreed. I'm working on a better system. -- Cat

Well, the reason Debug had it's own table heading was because it didn't fit in with anything else, but is a huge chunk of information which may or may not take up a lot of Wiki space depending on the evolution/popularity of the section. Otherwise, the only way it would be accessable is by a random browser of the PageIndex who happens to just trip upon it. -- Dave

I'm waiting for email back about a better place for it and some of the other stuff. -- Cat.

in-depth texture overview

It would be nice to have an in-depth overview of texturing. There's plenty of technical information here but the number of texture misconceptions in SL forum posts tells me something covering the whys and hows of format, creation, and use would be helpful. Then again, this is outside of the LSL sphere so maybe it's just off-topic? -- Julian 5/3/04

It's about as off topic as my debug menu, so I can see it fitting in somewhere. -- Dave

There is some planning going on for references and tutorials on textures, building, etc, to be folded into the rest of badgeometry - keep your eyes open. -- bbc

comment-page text conversion

How about folding in-line questions and comments back into the regular text after they've been there for a while? I can see how keeping the thread of the thought process is good for the short term till people have a chance to review things, but seems like we should rewrite a page to concisely represent new information once it gels a bit.

I try to do this when it seems obvious. If you decide to do it, just make sure it's as easy to understand. -- Catherine

extend ACLs to give certain people "moderation" privileges

Quote taken from the ToDo page:
Extend ACLs to give certain people "moderation" privileges, i.e. editing/deleting other peoples pages/comments as well as taking over ownership. -EzharFairlight
Reposted to Suggestions by ChristopherOmega on 6/6/04.

I thought that the suggestions page would be a more proper place for something like this. It is extremely controversial, at least in my opinion, since it violates a principle of Wiki (see the "People are editing my pages! How do I make them stop!?" question) . -Chris

You take over my pages over my de-rezzed corpse. --MoleculorSatyr

The idea here was simply to be able to delete some orphaned pages whose owners weren't around any longer, as well as cleaning up some comments that no longer applied (like the mess on the homepage), not playing Wiki FBI. -Ez

italics syntax correction

Is there some fuzzy logic-y way for the wiki to differentiate between the // commonly used in URLs and the // markup? I find that an incredible number of italization errors occur because people post the full URL for a website to a comment (e.g. without first putting it in double-double quotes, inadvertantly opening and never closing an <i> tag.
-Chris on 8/15/05

Talk/Discussion Pages

Since WakkaWiki doesn't support talk/discussion pages (like MediaWiki does), I suggest using the page name syntax of TalkRegularPageName so my talk page would be TalkEepQuirk, the homepage's would be TalkHomePage, etc. What do you think? Sure would reduce the amount of comments on pages... -EepQuirk, 6/16/6 (now if there can just be signature syntax...)

Don't comments serve this purpose? Before creating new talk pages, I think we should take a serious look at how the comment system works. Using both a comments system and talk page would likely confuse readers and may lead to discussion decoherance (parts on the page's talk page, parts in the page's comments). Instead, I propose that comments be deleted automatically after a set number of hours/days/weeks. Of course, lots of useful info will need to be transferred from comments to the page itself beforehand. -ChristopherOmega 6/16/06

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