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Wiki Etiquette

What can I do on the LSL wiki?

Feel free to contribute wherever you see something that could use some improvement. Got an example script? Know how to word something better? Jump in and do it. Completing items listed in ToDo would be especially helpful.

Don't be afraid to contribute to the wiki. Anyone's allowed to do it, just follow this page and the WikiStyleGuide. Try to keep your pages consistent with the rest of the site. (In other words, changing the colour scheme and making up new naming conventions would be stupid.) Don't be afraid to make a mistake, though. Other users will correct it if you do.

What CAN'T I do on the LSL wiki?

Don't advertise, don't bash people, and stay on topic. This resource is intended for things that pertain to LSL and scripting. A note about your cat is not relevant. Don't deface the wiki. It's a minor inconvenience for us, and is a really childish thing to do.

What should I avoid?

Don't edit major pages (like the HomePage) without reason. If you see something you want added, leave Catherine a note on her page or post a note on the relevant pages.
Do not create pages with ".", "?", "=", "&", "\", "-" in their titles; the wiki will not make proper wiki links to them. It is improper to create pages that start "ll*" (double L) as these are reserved for Linden functions.

I have an example script. What should I do?

Before you post it, make sure it actually compiles. Then make sure it works. Then show it to someone else and see if they see any problems. Then, if you're sure it's functional and actually demonstrates what you want to show, go to ExampleScripts and put it up, following the guidelines on that page.

I found an error. What should I do?

If it's a spelling or grammatical error, make sure that it's not just a UK/Canadian-ism. Not everyone spells "colour" the same as Americans do. If it's something really stupid like "ur" instead of "your", or "your" instead of "you're", go ahead and change it. Just make sure you know what you're doing. We don't need the Spelling Police going around unarmed. ;)

If it's a technical error, and you're unsure of how to correct it, or if you have a question, just leave a note and let someone else deal with organizing it better. When leaving notes, remember to include the current SL version number. This allows other users to see how long ago you noticed the error.

Example of a note:
As of SL 1.6.2, this function does not return a value.

Should I leave a note or a comment?

A note would probably be best, unless it's in reply to a comment. If it's to make a suggestion or clarify something, notes let us change the page. After the fix has been made, pages with comments on them saying things like, "line 65 is wrong" really don't make a lot of sense. There's not currently an easy way for CommentDeletion to work, though there is PageDeletion.

I want to leave a message for someone. Where do I do that?

If they're a registered user, (and why wouldn't they be if you want to talk to them here?) leave a message for them on their page. They'll get to it.

People are editing my pages! How do I make them stop!?

It's a wiki, that's the point. Everything here is effectively GPLed. If you don't want your words edited, don't post them here. It's as simple as that.

I have a suggestion. Who do I talk to about getting it implemented?

If you're unsure about whether or not it would be a welcome addition, leave a note on the Suggestions page. Otherwise, either add it to ToDo, or just put it together yourself. If its an LSL function suggestion see this page: LSLFunctionRequest.

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