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LSL Wiki : OldNews

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Stuff pertaining to the management of our wiki, listed chronologically from newest to oldest. This is an archive page created to reduce clutter on the LSLWiki page.
See LSLWiki for the most recent news.

2004-08-26: Fixed the XML icon at the bottom (revisions). Added "show revisions" so it's easier to find. Found some less obtrusive icons for external links. Made the formatter generate proper </li> end tags. Fixed the homepage to be valid XHTML/CSS. Added acronym support.

2004-08-25: Added support for anchors. New tag is =#anchor#=. Also [[#anchor]] is now working as expected to match this. Removed the huge margins from the code blocks (blank line at top and bottom). Now there is really no reason left not to use code blocks for anything that is code (which removes the need for annoying manual escaping things like // comments).

2004-08-24: Created a LSL syntax highlighter for code blocks, which also converts events and functions into links to this wiki. It's not finished yet, but useable. Fixed some stuff to pass W3C validation tests.

2004-08-23: Moved the external links stuff from CSS to PHP (so should now work properly for those with retarded browsers). Made links to missing pages more sexy (you can now click the word and don't have to hit the tiny question mark behind it anymore). Made code boxes more sexy too! Added an icon for mailto links. Feel free to submit better icons for that ;)

2004-08-21: Implemented the suggestion of marking external links (with a small arrow). You need a browser that understands CSS 2.0+ attribute selectors for this. Changed color of missing pages. CatherineOmega fixed the cut&paste from code boxes.

2004-08-20: Successfully moved the LSL Wiki. Thanks to NadaEpoch for setting it up and providing the webspace (cPanel makes my eyes bleed :P), and also many thanks to our previous host BelMuse!
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