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"Comment" has two meanings depending upon the context in which it is used. In LSL, a comment is a section of text which the compiler ignores when it compiles a script. In the LSLWiki, a comment is something that can be added to the bottom of a wiki page. See wiki comment.

Commented code:
llSay(0,"Hello."); // this says "hello".

To "comment out" an entire line of text, place two forward slashes at the beginning of the line. Everything on the line after the two slashes will be ignored by the compiler.
This is often used to temporarily disable lines of code (often for debugging purposes).

In the LSL editor, comments are rendered as orange text.
(Which, oddly, isn't the same color as HTML orange but, interestingly, is actually closer to orange-red--unlike the LSL comment color this wiki uses).--EepQuirk

Experienced coders, note that unlike C or Java, LSL does not accept /* */ comments; only // comments work. because the Lindens are cruel and mean.
"As of server 1.24, /* */ comments are allowed using MONO, however there is currently no color coding in the viewer for them"

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