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Access Control Levels (ACLs) allow page owners to manage security settings for their wiki pages. You can set read, write, and comment permissions either by limiting a page to a certain group of people, by entering their usernames manually, or by specifying only registered users. By default, all fields are set to allow registered users to edit. ACL's should only be used in areas of the wiki with strict authorship, strict authorship would be a UserPage, or pages that are part of one of ScriptLibrary or other collections hosted on the wiki; otherwise they shouldn't be used unless to deter trolling. Page owners should not set their pages to allow anyone to edit them; spammers will find and post junk on the pages. Pages should be at the very least set to only allow registered users to edit them.

One rule per line.
Rules higher up on the page have precedence.



Anything following this on the same line is a comment.


This symbol means "only registered users". Set your pages to be editable and commentable by only registered users. This allows us to handle spammers.
No, you probably can't type it (but you can try holding the [Alt] key down and typing 0167 on the numberpad). Select it with your mouse and copy and paste it.

Remember that this is a Westrern (ISO-8859-1) encoded character and not a UTF8 character. The wiki engine will not recognize the UTF8 character representation and the page will be unaccessible.


The asterisk means "all users". Set your "Read" ACLs to viewable by all.


Replace "username" with a name, like yours if you're the page owner, to only allow that name to edit a page (or add comments).
Please don't do this on pages other then your user page (the page that bears your login name).
Even then, keep in mind that user pages may be used for communication between contributers, so if you lock yours, you may not be able to receive an important message from your fellow wiki-editing peers.


NOT modifier, this must be the first character, what ever follows on the line is now used to filter out.

The owner always has access to his or her own pages.
If no rules exist then access is denied to all (except the owner).

#Put your users at the top of the file

#Then your group access controls...
#Registered Users
#Unregistered Users
#Owner Only
#All Users

Standard ACLs for pages should be:
Most pages*??
User pages*user or ??
Note: Trolls and individuals who lock their pages can be dealt with by setting !User in the write and comment sections, just list them first.
See WrongPageSetup for pages whose ACLs must be corrected.

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