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Scripting Mentors

What follows is a list of people amicable to the concept of helping people with scripting problems, one on one. If you're looking for help, these users may be able to help you. If you are looking for who helped in the creation of this wiki, please see the contributors page.

I am looking for help.
  I want to volunteer to help others.
Don't be afraid to ask for help, but do try to read the relevant sections of the wiki beforehand, if you know what they are. If you can't figure it out, don't worry about it, but don't be too discouraged if the person you're asking for help doesn't have time to help you. Scripting mentors tend to be busy and may not be available to help you, even if they're online. To see which scripting mentors are online, use the scanner script at the bottom of the page.

1. When asking for help, it's a good idea to mention this page, as in, "Hello. I got your name from the Scripting Mentors page on the wiki. I have a question about listeners. Do you have time to help me?" This tells the mentor: A) that you're asking for help, B) that you know what you're asking about, and C) where you got their name.

2. If a scripting mentor says they cannot help you, be polite, and ask someone else. Scripting mentors are volunteers who are under no obligation to help you, and who may be very busy. They will be less inclined to help you if you insult or berate them for not helping you.

3. Please remember, just because someone has volunteered to be a scripting mentor, they do not have to write code for you. We may teach you how to fish, but do not expect us to give you a fish. If you ask us how to fish, we will give you our wisdom; but if you ignore our wisdom and ask for a fish, you will end up with neither.

4. This is not a Linden-sponsored or updated group, as the real Mentors are. Nevertheless, they may be helpful for resolving scripting problems and offering advice. They cannot help you with getting SL to run, learning to use SL or resolving disputes. If you need that, contact Live Help.
Please add yourself if you wish to do so, with a little bit of your area of expertise, the PST times that you are usually on, and whether or not you answer IMs sent while offline. (Don't worry about copying someone else's expertise entry if they've described your skillset accurately.)

(Remember, PST is the time shown in the upper right-hand corner of the SL program.)

If you wish to add your name to this list, please do so in alphabetical order by first name to maintain readability, and add your name and key to the scanner script. Please don't add yourself to this list just because it sounds fun. You do need to have a bit of skill and expertise. This is not the LSL wiki contributors list.

If you know how to script, but don't know how to add your name to the list, see the contribute page to get started.

Attention Main Grid Mentors, A group is available called LSL Wiki HELP, feel free to join it if you would like to keep contact with other mentors or display your status as a LSL Wiki mentor.

Main Grid Mentors

Name Times Online (PST) Expertise Offline IMs
Austin Zon Weekdays: Anywhere between 4pm-10pm. LSL, PHP, MySQL, Vendors, Communications, Basic Products, Distributed Systems, Servers. Feel free to ask basic LSL/PHP questions, I will do my best to answer if I am not busy. YESSSSS
AyAn4m1 Flan Random Distributed systems, complex scripts, interscript communication, physics, limited vehicles. NO
AndyTop Tomsen Random Distributed systems, scripts, interscript communication. YES
Bitt Toll Random Security (spying, survalence, sensors, cloaking, alarms, etc.) YES
BraadWorst Barth Allot/random Almost everything, No XML-rpc, still practicing at vehicles fine tuning NO
Celly Menges As much as possible Anything except for movements/rotations/vehicles and controls. Urgent Requests Only
Con Wylie Most of the time, Send me a notecard or IM Most LSL scripts, PHP, MySQL and servers (not here to do all the hard work). Yes (notecards are better)
Christopher Omega Sporadic, though usually 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM Jack-of-all-trades, save vehicles (the llSetVehicle* kind) and particles Urgent Requests Only
Chipster Mielziner Very unpredictable, mostly around 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pretty much anything, if i don't know it, i'll refer you to someone I know that does Know What it is.I ALSO HAVE CLASSES AVAILABLE, JUST IM ME WHEN I'M ONLINE Only if its really Important
charlee Doobie Random.. Best bet is 9AM - 1PM Pretty much anything. Been a software engineer for over 10 yrs. Been doing system integration project for the last 6-7 yrs. Main interest are in 'gadget' type stuff and due to experience connecting with outside systems too... but not so much vehicles.. YES
CJ Kasei Randomly, usually all day long! Not much vehicle experience, NO weapons, everything else is fine. YES
Dachs Hax 1AM-5AM & 5PM-9PM PDT No vehicles, weapons, or animations. I specialize in outside<->LSL communication with LAMP Technology and communications/hud items in LSL YES
Deneria Sholokhov 8 PM - 1AM Attachments, some vehicles, particles a little, general coding, etc Sometimes
Earle Swenson Variable, but usually 3AM - 5AM General programming, style, optimizations, scanning, user configuration, not vehicles or weapons YES
Eloise Pasteur Variable, but often 3 AM - 4PM Jack-of-all-trades, certainly mistress of none. Not Vehicles or weapons YES
Escort DeFarge Variable, but often 7AM - 7PM Jack-of-all-trades, including off-world web/rpc (java not php). No weapons. YES
Electron Electricteeth Afternoons, Late Nights SLT+2 (Just because I'm logged in doesn't mean I'm at the keyboard, be patient.) Physics, Particles, Sounds, Offworld Communications, Weapons, Vehicles, You name it. Yes!
Folco Boffin Erratically from 4PM - 9PM EST No physics or vehicle. Some particle, limited weapon, and most everything else. NO
Fox Diller Often Second Life YES
FoxParadise Kidd Often available the week-end and from 10AM to 2PM SLT for the rest of the week. Working mostly on Unix Systems (BSD & Linux) i'm a real life programmer/coder. I'm mostly developping under the Python & C/C++ programming languages i also have good knowledge of Javascript and Perl languages. I used to script weapons and security systems with LSL. Depends of the reason but mostly yes. Still prefer to get to talk face to face directly in SL.
Gage Lovenkraft Mid to Late Evenings M-F SLT, Random on Weekends General scripting, inter-object communication, modularity, etc. Not experienced with vehicles or weapons. Sometimes...
Gene Poole Late eve EST/early eve PST General (most stuff besides vehicles, weapons, or particles) YES
HappySooper 2:30pm-8pm SL Time and sometimes mornings Basic Scripts learning as i go along YES
Hawkster Westmoreland Generally nights, but some afternoons Jack-of-all-trades, especially weapons and civillian utilities (I still suck at vehicles but love scripting anything) Notecards are more reliable
Holger Bowman Just IM me or send me a Notecard in World Communications , Vehicles , Physics ,Particels, NO WEAPONS ! YES
JamesBenedek Whenever I'll Help With Anything And Do It For FREE, Unless I Am Busy. YES
Jeffrey Gomez Completely unpredictable; use Find 3D Programming YES
Keknehv Psaltery Basically never, but I respond to IMs Command Parsing, Particles, most everything else YES
Kim Seifert Usually from 5-9PM SLT Mostly particles YES
Kira Komarov Daytime GMT Abilities: Everything!
Dislikes: Consignment work and fiddling with meaningless constants.
You can find my script database and portofolio on my website and also available on the official wiki. Depending on the complexity and the dedication required for your script requests, I might not charge anything.
Kithylin Perth Randomly, usually all day long! ^.^ Interscript communication and command parsing, object building, poser animation.. Particles are yummy. =^.^= NO
Kristofer Tenk More than I should I will attempt to help with anything, but I'm better with communication, and know some rotation stuff. NOT good with physics Why Not!
Kokiri Saarinen Afternoons and Late night SL time I'm comfortable with everything except XML and HTTP communications. Everything else is fair game. YES
Lance LeFay EST Afternoon/evening, erratic. I do everything but XML-RPC. Vehicles are shaky. (Does weapons.) YES
Leandro Molinaro Random Not much vehicle experience, NO weapons, everything else is fine. YES
Lexx Greatrex Often. Everything LSL - Also C#/libsl interfacing, HTTP/RPC interfaces etc. Im a regular SL Mentor. NO
LordJason Kiesler Easier to win the lottery. If I dont know, I want to figure it out. Urgent Requests Only
Lucca Kitty Sporatic but often every day at least half the days in a week. If you cannot contact on this account, try the alt, Myra Loveless I do a lot of just about everything including both in-world and out of world XML-RPC and llHTTPRequest but I don't do actual weapons (laser tag type weapons are fine, just not actual violent ones) YES
Marc Eisenberg I never even know any more. Use FIND. I don't focus my knowledge in anything specific. I like to know everything. :) YES
Marius Maeterlinck Random, but mostly evenings Europe time Jack of all trades. Relatively new to SL scripting, but I've been hacking all my life and until now always knew how to solve my own problems :-) YES
Max Case Use find. A little from column A, a little from column B. Sure
Mo Hax Sporadic, office/discussion hours 8-9 Fridays, join Mo's Mentored everything, also animation, building, skinning, OpenSim, and video tutorials Yes also imohax on gmail, skype and
Nack Voom I'm on almost everynight(SL time). Everything scripting related, minus vehicles. YES
Naryu Yue My time is GMT-3. usually on 6amPDT strait to 3pmPDT I havent tried RPC yet... And i get confused with Vehicle stuff Yep!
Niaht Nakamichi PST - Noon to Midnight LSL, PHP, misc No promise to answer.
Nonnux White My time is GMT. I never know when I am ON I like to know everything like Mark, except No Weapons ;) YES
Raemus Patel 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM As much as i can possible shove into my head. I can do mostly any miscilanious script but i can NOT do vehicles or weapons (But im trying to learn weapons). YES
Results Tiki Variable, usually in the evenings General programming, script-script communications, complex linking and rezzing, gadgets, particles. NO
Rini Rampal Roughly 2pm-10pm SLT NOT particles, vehicles, or physics YES
Rodrick Harrington Varies Not much vehicle experience, NO weapons, everything else is game NO
Rove Stromer Whenever I can get online Mostly mass communication (object > object > web). Pretty much everything except vehicles Sure!
Ryan Whippet Random Small Gadgets, Communications Yes
RyeDin Meiji Most weekends Specializing in Widgets and OO accessors NO
Sarienna Hax Depending how busy i am in RL Animations, Dataserver, Weapons, Vehicles, Security systems and much more Yes
Si Arcadia Random Animations, original ways to solve problems and communication Yes
Silicon Plunkett Random Physics, Particles, Vector and Rotational math, Animations, Communication, Data storage, Scanners.. eh, everything. Sometimes
Sirlor Stonecutter At least 60% of the day Communications(Still learning XML-RPC), Gadgetry, weaponry and custom work (save particles</3) YES
Snowy Montpark 01:00am - 11:00 am PST weekends Multilingual, timers and physics. I haven't tried particle systems yet .. IF YOU REALLY MUST
Soobek Hax At least 50 % of the day Communications, Scanners, Physics, Timers Sometimes
StableMaster Insoo GMT - Variable Gadget, communications, PHP, httprequest, Miscellaenous functions. No Vechicles, Particles or rotation/Equations -Will not do entire scripts for you. Will guide and help. NO
Stephen Psaltery Work=Master/Sporadic Math (Angles, Radians, Trigonometry, etc.), Code Efficiency, Artificial Life(Limited) YES
Stone Mason When I feel like it. Problem solving.... and bunnies.. yes... bunnies... YES
Strife Onizuka
Sporadic Jack-of-all-trades, Security and Optimizations; not weapons NO
Trimda Hedges Variable, but often 8:30pm - 11:00pm EST General physics, external/remote communications (HTTP, email and XML RPC), inter-object communications, script resource optimization (CPU and memory) and server side coding (Java (Spring), C# with MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and Tomcat) Do not ask me to create scripts or debug your scripts for you! I am here to point you in the right direction, not create stuff for you. NO
Trullo Oh 8 randomly hours a day. Error tracker. Something doesn't work? need a fix?.. OR ask me any type of question about code.. YES
Umbaga Umaga (Most) Weekdays 2:30 - 5:00 PST. General Scripting Always
Velox Severine As much as possible. Usually after 4pm PST on weekdays and most times weekends. XMLRPC to PHP to MySQL, mostly communications and client/server systems, multithreading, some experience in weapons, basic vehicles. A little experience in everything. YES
Vicero Lambert As much as possible Agent/Avatar, Camera, Collision, Color, Communication, Controls, Data server, Detection, Ect... Please do not ask me to do a script for you unless you are willing to pay my hourly rate. I'm here to give advice on what functions work best and cannot afford to do a whole script for you since my income is from scripting. NO
Wateru Kohime Usually from 4PM - 2AM EST No physics or vehicles or weapons. NO
Wufuzz Carnot As much as possible (camping instread of going offline). A GMT +7 dweller so will be available at odd hours General stuff, User interface, XMLRPC to PHP to MySQL, Most of stuff except weapons and vehicles (but will give them a try) YES
Yohan Althouse Varies (8 AM - 9 PM PST) General Scripting NO
Zarf Vantongerloo 8:30pm - Midnight (PST) General programming, data management, communications YES
ZeroZ Dagger Less then i want too Everything that doesn't have rotations and external stuff KEEP UM COMMING
Zion Tristan Most of the day, every day General Scripts, listens, timers, simulator and parcel based information retrival. I don't do weapons or vehicles. Of course
Xaviar Czervik Random Times but sometime every day. Mass Communication, Server/Clients, MATH! (I can't teach basics) ALWAYS
Gr33NMouS3 Ragu Mondays to Fridays 23:30PM to 1:40AM and 8:00 AM to 1:00PM, Weekends its 23:30AM to 3:00PM General Scripting, Offworld Communications, Inworld communications, Generators Sure, they get hopped to email anyway

Scripting Mentor Scanner Script

//  Scan for online Scripting Mentors on the main grid.
//  Just drop this script into something
//  by Keknehv Psaltery -- 03/08/06
//  Updated by Results Tiki for two lists -- 07/25/07

// multiple lists are now required because there are too many names for one list
list mentorsOne = ["Austin Zon"  , "ee165ec4-4bce-4af6-89f3-99d70d247e60", 
                    "AyAn4m1 Flan"   ,"27cd74cb-b591-4913-901c-882325fe63d3",
                    "BraadWorst Barth"   ,"8cf2e25b-d18d-4169-a7b8-63817df3e60d", 
                    "Catherine Omega"   ,"3e1f44f6-5c4e-afc3-d8d0-361eea82ddb6",
                    "Celly Menges"   ,"e7f20114-c6c6-43d4-83d1-8cb6f0871e93",
                    "Chipster Mielziner"   ,"c83f390e-0a54-4451-b68d-dfe05c5f8c86",
                    "Christopher Omega"   ,"3e8a269d-6669-07df-a09d-c38664cbc89d",
                    "charlee Doobie"   ,"a5145b98-0fac-4d90-8f68-96d5fb339924",
                    "CJ Kasei"   ,"aa697b5d-2418-4adb-9eb6-450353aaeb11",
                    "Dachs Hax"   ,"d3340d63-ed2d-41d1-a291-21a4ca6c278a",
                    "Deneria Sholokhov"   ,"95d793ff-7a64-4f6d-a224-e48ab26ee32a",
                    "Earle Swenson"   ,"1b7b2686-8fab-46f8-a834-cb9ceb596ce5",
                    "Eloise Pasteur"   ,"5b5585b3-8ae6-4cc8-896b-818e6cfa5ea0",
                    "Electron Electricteeth"   ,"f672e4d8-adf3-4e30-b42b-466a503e42b5",
                    "Escort DeFarge"   ,"61ca7d87-2316-4c98-b3dc-c7e29e4666b7",
                    "Folco Boffin"   ,"f9180a7b-a1a6-4329-a46a-6dd487c0774c",
                    "Fox Diller"   ,"6b21aa6e-7c87-45d5-8deb-da9b6079b837",
                    "Gage Lovenkraft"   ,"5f6c3514-3cf8-4571-bd35-e91c3032fcc5",
                    "Gene Poole"   ,"8a654241-d2bc-429f-8bd4-9ee59892fa03",
                    "Hawkster Westmoreland"   ,"a822ff2b-ff02-461d-b45d-dcd10a2de0c2",
                    "Holger Bowman"   ,"f7002171-57c4-49c3-adfd-de82f74ca392",
                    "James Benedek"   ,"d77442ea-5acc-4ed3-bbb4-1f2bf2c31bb6",
                    "Jeffrey Gomez"   ,"529d65f4-fdd9-4b4a-a6ff-08ea62f54936",
                    "Keknehv Psaltery"   ,"f1f2d29a-210b-4b00-96d7-ab16c962a40f",
                    "Kira Komarov", "1ad33407-a792-476d-a5e3-06007c0802bf",
                    "Kithylin Perth"   ,"d286dfd7-12b6-403b-8b77-3cc316aa89dc",
                "Kristofer Tenk"   ,"7c68eaa0-8cd1-43d7-afab-bd39220a6887",
                    "Kokiri Saarinen"   ,"3acaa17a-f818-49df-b31d-f395d550f14c",
                    "Lance Mirabeau"   ,"0b44e869-7618-4623-a261-81f316af8763",
                    "Leandro Molinaro"   ,"8eb1c12c-4411-4bad-9bad-636047bbcd4b",
                    "LordJason Kiesler"   ,"b3e6a03e-5827-4257-aa23-6df63ebd77ff" ];

list mentorsTwo = ["Lucca Kitty"   ,"e86bf246-a8e7-47cb-9678-ffc6e9c78dd4", 
                    "Marc Eisenberg"   ,"a44770e5-de4f-4ced-a511-1e3002375e4b",
                    "Max Case"   ,"6d869ee0-e19e-4afa-8431-b85705198a0c",
                    "Mo Hax"   ,"7a41dd02-dac9-4d4a-a013-92ca1a65335b", 
                    "Nack Voom"   ,"d60afaf4-2084-4848-afd5-d74cbd16f7f2",
                    "Naryu Yue"   ,"c0485d19-3464-41a6-80ba-b9221804f643",
                    "Niaht Nakamichi"   ,"cac17e1b-5dd1-4917-a139-a2a591ddd677",
                    "Nonnux White"   ,"7499fac7-40b8-4a52-bf89-be1018efdc4c",
                    "Raemus Patel"   ,"aea7eb76-7be0-496b-be09-e84f44b94320",
                    "Results Tiki"   ,"57b5e818-7915-4a9a-9b49-7e355aece930",
                    "Rini Rampal"   ,"fbfcafec-0711-42bb-ac14-e87a4de5f1a1",
                    "Rodrick Harrington"   ,"34f88fb4-1c15-4341-833c-b2667c7dcd38",
                    "Rove Stromer"   ,"369b1964-3fcb-48d2-86ae-63490df68842",
                    "Ryan Whippet"   ,"d78ddc9e-09f8-4f65-acfd-36af624c2efd",
                    "RyeDin Meiji"   ,"acef5ef9-6420-46a5-a394-62f675061c20",
                "Sarienna Hax"   ,"cfef047a-711f-4870-aadc-5df2cb9d5877",
                    "Si Arcadia"   ,"a55ce1ea-eabb-4011-aa78-9bb547e45828",
                    "Soobek Hax"   ,"4af33b16-20f6-406a-9202-dee665994018",
                    "StableMaster Insoo"   ,"2d888866-a6d0-4cee-bcab-fa7f95e51d44",
                    "Stephen Psaltery"   ,"4b091519-3cc1-4ac8-a1d6-f1039c7f74c6",
                    "Sirlor Stonecutter"   ,"2b17e3bf-d1d5-4835-bb51-d50c9f1f9252",
                    "Stone Mason"   ,"e8ac4315-5625-41cb-ae28-444fc3846ab8",
                    "Strife Onizuka"   ,"4275d408-da94-4f68-8353-090fb2dfc020",
                    "Trullo Oh"   ,"573ff2c3-88e9-40a0-b166-631fc4dafd7b",
                    "Velox Severine"   ,"cf2301ee-4b44-4bfe-8f29-8cfe85fd94ef",
                    "Vicero Lambert"   ,"744efd47-086e-4d52-bce8-38f6584c3df7",
                    "Wateru Kohime"   ,"845a4191-d5fe-46cd-a8a3-3a99fcf48c45",
                    "Wufuzz Carnot"   ,"cf807cce-ad6f-42c2-93da-fcbe4db35651",
                    "Yohan Althouse"   ,"872a8c40-eed8-496f-9705-6441a7a99070",
                    "Zarf Vantongerloo"   ,"734300d5-8fbd-465d-9c1a-1948ca8f933e",
                    "Zion Tristan"   ,"35b2424b-a0bc-4e23-ae09-eaa409ebc7a2",
                    "Xaviar Czervik"   ,"bf2cfd3a-0b58-4be8-a132-50aa9029b33c"];

key dataKey;
integer currentMentor;
integer lengthOne; // for convenience.
integer numberMentors;
float startTime;

list onlineMentors;
float percentDone;

    onlineMentors = [];
    currentMentor = 0; // zero based
    lengthOne = llGetListLength( mentorsOne ) / 2;      // strided
    numberMentors = lengthOne + llGetListLength(mentorsTwo) / 2;
    startTime = llGetTime();
    dataKey = llRequestAgentData( (key)llList2String(mentorsOne, currentMentor*2 +1), // +1 for key
                                    DATA_ONLINE );

    on_rez( integer sparam )

    touch_start( integer num )
    dataserver( key query, string data )
        if ( query == dataKey )
            //if (currentMentor < lengthOne)
            //    llSay(0, "number "+ (string)currentMentor +" data "+ (string)data +" mentor "+
            //          llList2String(mentorsOne, currentMentor*2)); // strided
            //    llSay(0, "number "+ (string)currentMentor +" data "+ (string)data +" mentor "+
            //          llList2String(mentorsTwo,(currentMentor - lengthOne)* 2));
            if ( (integer)data )    //Are they online?
                if (currentMentor < lengthOne)
                    onlineMentors += [llList2String(mentorsOne, currentMentor*2)]; // strided
                    onlineMentors += [llList2String(mentorsTwo,(currentMentor - lengthOne)* 2)];
            percentDone = (float)currentMentor / numberMentors;
            //This next line is ugly. Beware!

            string remainingSeconds = llGetSubString((string)((llGetTime()-startTime)/(percentDone)*(1-percentDone)),0,3);
            llSetText( "Scanning for online scripting mentors\n Currently " + 
                        (string)currentMentor +"/"+ (string)numberMentors + " -- " +
                        llGetSubString((string)(percentDone*100),0,3) + 
                        " percent complete\n" + remainingSeconds +
                        " seconds remaining\n Online:\n " + llDumpList2String( onlineMentors , "\n" )
                        , <1.01-percentDone,percentDone,0.0>, percentDone + .4);
            if ( currentMentor < numberMentors )
                if (currentMentor < lengthOne)
                    dataKey = llRequestAgentData( (key)llList2String(mentorsOne,currentMentor*2 + 1),
                                                DATA_ONLINE ); // key from strided
                    dataKey = llRequestAgentData( (key)llList2String(mentorsTwo,
                                                                    (currentMentor - lengthOne) * 2 + 1),
                                                DATA_ONLINE );
                llSetText( "Scan Time: " + llGetSubString((string)((llGetTime()-startTime)),0,3) + 
                            " seconds\nScripting Mentors Online:\n" + llDumpList2String( onlineMentors , "\n" )
                            ,<0.2,1.0,0.2>,1 );
                integer nOnline = llGetListLength( onlineMentors ); 

                if (( nOnline > 1 ) && (nOnline != 2))  // most common case
                    llOwnerSay("There are " + (string)nOnline + " scripting mentors online: "+
                                    llList2List(onlineMentors,0,nOnline - 2), ", " ) 
                                + ", and " + llList2String( onlineMentors, nOnline - 1) );
                else if ( nOnline == 1 )
                    llOwnerSay("Only one scripting mentor is online, " 
                                + llList2String(onlineMentors, 0 ));
                else if (nOnline == 2)
                    llOwnerSay("There are " + (string)nOnline + " scripting mentors online: "+
                                    llList2List(onlineMentors,0,nOnline - 2), ", " ) 
                                + " and " + llList2String( onlineMentors, nOnline - 1) );
                    llOwnerSay("Uh-oh, no scripting mentors are online! Try again later.");                  

Q: How do I contact a scripting mentor, and how do I know they're online when I need help?
A: In SL, select "Edit" -> "Find" to open the Find window, then select the "People" tab and type their name into the text box. Their online status will appear next to their name.
Also, you can use the appropriate scanner script, just copy and paste one into an object and it will tell you which scripting mentors are online.

Q: Why wouldn't a scripting mentor want to receive offline IMs?
A: Sometimes, a user will go several days without logging in. During this time, offline IMs can stack up and even overflow. If this happens, the offline user may not even know you wanted help.

Q: Sometimes Find People returns "Unknown" as their online status. What should I do then?
A: Assume they're offline.
A: This has been removed in the newer versions (exact version number needed). Now it just shows "Online" or stays blank.

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