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Hello there!

I'm Hawkster Westmoreland, the owner and developer of the Second Life store Hawkster Damage Productions and Hawk Productions. My shop is currently located in Dalarna, though I'm looking to expand. I'm formerly the Lead Developer for Ohana Isle while it was still in existence and the creator of the famous "Ohana Isle Volcano" show.

I enjoy doing scripting and computer programming whenever I physically can, and there are times I almost pass out because of how dead tired I'll be at the end of the day... or rather day -> night -> day. I've been doing computer programming for a while, beginning around 1997.

I'm currently an Informatics major in college, and the major itself was only started back in 2004 at my college. The time that isn't spent programming for my major is spent doing LSL programming inside of SL, Windows application development, or website design (both corporate and personal). When I'm not programming in general, I'm usually playing my guitar and writing music or at the pistol range.

I'm a Marine from the Second Life militaries "Corneria Military Division" and "Corneria Coalition" with combat experience. As of February 2007, both of these groups are defunct.

Here's to ya and if you ever run across me inside of Second Life, be sure to say hello!

GlobalCoordinate - get a global location of a relative position in a given sim. Good stuff.
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