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Best way to get my help is watch my video tutorials at, join Mo's Mentored and participate in my office/discussion hours from 8-9 SL time every Friday, and you have to promise to pass it forward to others after you learn something. If you must contact me directly I don't 'hide' in world so you can usually TP to my location or you can IM or email me as imohax on gmail or skype. For general scripting questions, you should probably join the mailing list.

Creativity is the big reason I keep logging in. I crave all forms of it. I love to write and have always had a passion and sort of aptitude for scripting. Good code is like the enigmatic innards of a fine 16th century timepiece, a good coder not unlike the artisan obsessed with its beauty, complexity and feigned simplicity. It just works. So, yeah, code is art. ;)

I also do animations, building, avatar creation, and have done clothing and skin customization.

I frequently post and improve some freebies with more in the works. I use slexchange just so I can keep track of users, etc.
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