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About Me

Ive got a bit of experience with Wiki and have been programming for a number of years. LSL is fairly easy to pick up, and I hope to contribute to this great resource as I learn more.

I spend a lot of time in SL, and most of that is spent scripting and learning from some great examples. Most recently I have been developing communications between SL and an outside web site with HTTP POST and XML-RPC - the restrictions imposed by the implementation and lack of any ability to send RPC requests from within SL have made this quite a challenge, but not impossible. I have quite a bit of work to do on the website itself, and a few inworld objects.

I am currently working on something big, which will integrate LSL with a PHP based web site. Its been done before, but I think I can do it better - time will tell. Because of this, when I am online, I am generally quite busy, but you may find me taking a break, so feel free to IM me or visit my workshop in Deva Loka. If Im busy, I'll let you know :)

More details on my current projects will be posted here in the future :)


How to setup the SL client so that is used for LSL WIKI HELP instead of the Linden Lab LSL Portal?

1) If you cannot see the "Client" and "Server" menu options on the Menu Bar of your SL client program, you need to turn on DEBUG mode:

Press: CTRL-ALT-D (or CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D on some systems)

This will toggle these hidden menu options on and off.

2) From the Client menu, select "Debug Settings"

3) A small window will open, use the dropdown menu to find the key: LSLHelpURL

4) Change the value to:[LSL_STRING]

You can change it back any time by repeating steps 1-3, and selecting "Reset to default"

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