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LSL Wiki : WolfWings

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WolfWings Majestic in game.
WolfWings at numerous other places on the internet.
No, I'm not CamelCasing my name to be cute, the capilization matters. If a site doesn't use the same capilization for that name, rest assured I had nothing to do with the site in question.

Current Project:
Infinite-capacity Vendor Package - Working, ~200 items per database, 10 items per category 'recommended' limit, 32 categories per database hard maximum, 2^32 categories hard maximum. Fractional additional load per additional database. Still need to finish Sales Tracking plugins, finished Sales Notifier plugin. May publish the API. Takes approximately 50-90 bytes per item in a database, approximately 14.5k memory available in each database for between 164-296 items.
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