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Chasingred3 Ixtab

Im Dead ;(

Hey this is Chasingred3 Ixtab's main page! Havent made too many contributations yet, probley because everyboy has already fixed all mistakes.

BUT I am dedacating my WIKI Life into making small, not nesacerally detailed, but working egsamples of each and every function in this WIKI, witch ill probly never finish but oh well... IF anyone would like to help me, just say somthing to me please. :D id greatly appreaciate it!

Yes i know that this page is crappy looking, im kinda new to the wiki

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Chasingred3Ixtab's Favorite WIKI Stuffs.

Others soon to Come!...

Chasingred3Ixtab's Contributations In the WIKI
PublicBillboard Public anybody adverizing/anything billboard!
Scale Spaz Randomizing <x,y,z> Scales
Touch Orbit Damned noobs cant stop touching stuff! -- Got removed because people didnt like it...

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