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Keilaron Tomba

I's a scripter. I make scripts.
You want something scripted? I script it!
You don't want something scripted? I script it anyway!

My scripts

For almost every script that I sell, I have a full free-upgrade policy. In other words, when you buy it, you always get the new versions free, regardless of whether the price changed or not.
For scripts that're free, those are yours to keep up with; feel free to ask me what the latest version of a particular script is, however.

ScanWatchA watch that not only tells time, but can scan (sensor) for various things using various methods; Tells time to anyone who clicks on it; can also point at a target.Rewriting, beta/alphaCurrently private
MailCardMailing/delivery system that allows people to give objects and e-mail notecards to a particular owner; fully configurable. 0.7 will also include group messaging features.0.6 ~ 0.7, betaPrice undetermined, grab a copy while it's in beta
Mere seriesA series of "mere" (simple) scripts for use as examples, starting points, or just general usage.N/AFree
Gold/MineCasino game where you choose spots on a 5x5 grid, and gain prizes (or lose) depending on what's hidden.~0.3Price undetermined
TeleporterYour average teleporter script... with notecard reading capabilities, multiple endpoints, and more. Script comes with various sample teleporter objects, although you aren't forced to use only those =) Price undetermined
If you'd like to see any of these completed, or their information updated here, let me know. I'll be glad to do so.
Also, if you're looking for a scripter, I'm more than interested in working for you. Likely I'll do it for free, too =)

LSL Reservations

Link message and listen channels I use:
Basically, -13311000 to -13311999.
Channel RangeUsage
-13311001 - -13311499"Internal" script communication
-13311500 - -13311999External communication (e.g. informational messages)
This isn't a way of saying "MINE!", but a way of preventing collisions.

LSL Wishlist

Just thought of adding this to here instead, so it isn't an exhaustive list.
Idea from ChristopherOmega, in turn from KeknehvPsaltery.
TitleDescription Proposition #
Fix llSensorRepeatllSensorRepeat repeatedly adds and drops things from the list of detected objects/avatars whenever they're at a certain range (seems to be approximately half the size of a sim)-

About Me

I like to think that I'm not a bad coder, but my insistance on bug-proofing and proper coding seem to slow me down.
That said, though, I definitely consider clean code to be essential. I hate looking at other people's code and seeing no comments, everything smushed together like paste, etc.; It's rather upsetting, especially if I'm trying to find a particular section, or figure out how a certain thing was done.

I script for others, generally a low or inexistant price because I'm still rather new to SL. Want a script? Let me know.

Myeah. Ask me for my scripts in-world, if you're interested. And point out my own shortcomings ;>
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