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LSL Wiki : ScriptDelay

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Script Delay

Script delay (or just "delay") occurs when either explicitly requested by the developer (scripter) (via llSleep) or when certain functions execute built-in delays. The effects of the delay caused by either of these is identical; this page will document these effects.

The functions that automatically delay the script, whether the developer requests it or not, are:

Delay (sec) Function
20 llEmail
10 llGetSimulatorHostname
10 llLoadURL
5 llTeleportAgentHome
3 llGiveInventory
3 llGiveInventoryList
3 llRemoteDataReply
3 llRemoteLoadScript
3 llRemoteLoadScriptPin
3 llSendRemoteData
2 llInstantMessage
2 llParcelMediaCommandList
2 llParcelMediaQuery
2 llSetParcelMusicURL
1 llCloseRemoteDataChannel
1 llCreateLink
1 llDialog
1 llModPow
1 llOpenRemoteDataChannel
1 llPreloadSound
1 llRequestInventoryData
1 llRequestSimulatorData
.2 llGetPrimitiveParams
.2 llOffsetTexture
.2 llRotateTexture
.2 llScaleTexture
.2 llSetLinkPrimitiveParams
.2 llSetLocalRot
.2 llSetPos
.2 llSetPrimitiveParams
.2 llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin
.2 llSetRot
.2 llSetTexture
.1 llAdjustSoundVolume
.1 llGetNotecardLine
.1 llGetNumberOfNotecardLines
.1 llMakeExplosion
.1 llMakeFire
.1 llMakeFountain
.1 llMakeSmoke
.1 llRequestAgentData
.1 llRezAtRoot
The delay is now indicated in the mouseover tooltip of each function. If you see any new functions which have a delay, please add them to the list above.

Each of these functions performs its task first, then delays the script the set number of seconds.

When a script is being delayed, the event queue still fills, but in a rather peculiar manner:
Event If triggered during the delay...
it is only executed once after the delay.
listen it is executed the number of times it is triggered.
link_message it is executed the number of times it is triggered, up to the maximum event queue size (64)
Please feel free to add more.

The delay between events can also be changed with llMinEventDelay. By default the delay is .1 seconds between the end of an event and when the next event is fired off (the script sleeps).


For a specific function to not be delayed (any more than it is with its own delay, if any), put it in a separate script.

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