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LSL Wiki : llTeleportAgentHome

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llTeleportAgentHome(key id)

Update: According to Robin Linden, llTeleportAgentHome will not be removed in 1.6.7. However, it will likely be replaced at some point in the future. For now, feel free to use it, but be aware that it may be removed at some point, though there will be warning.

If the scripted object is over owner's land and agent is over the same land, teleports agent id immediately to that agent's home location. The agent is not asked for confirmation.

This is for agents only; there is no scripted function to return objects from your land yet. For that, you have to rely upon the built-in land management tools or llAddToLandPassList.

This function delays script execution for 5 seconds.

Compare with llEjectFromLand and llUnsit.


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