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A group in Second Life is a user-created clique or association of two (2) or more members. (If SL were an RPG, they'd be called "guilds" or "clans".) A group with only one member is deleted after 48 hours, regardless of whether it is a new group or an existing group that has lost all other members. Minimum membership was changed from 3 to 2 in SL 1.12.0.

There's a L$100 fee to create a new group. A group can be free to join, or set to invitation only, and can have an optional membership fee.

A user may be a member of up to 42 groups. Why 42? It isn't known and the Lindens haven't been very forthcoming so far. It doesn't appear to be a technical limitation, however prior to previous increases, 10 was cited as being a technical limit. The original limit of 10 groups was raised to 15 in SL 1.4.0, 25 in SL 1.12.0 and 42 in Viewer 2.5.0 Some commentary from the Lindens suggests that this fixed limit is partly to constrain the number of database inquiries that must be made to determine whether, and how, group permissions apply to avatars when touching objects and moving about in-world. Sadly users of a viewer that is lower than viewer 2 (unless using a Third Party Viewer [TVP]) will only have access to the 25 group limit although if you are on a 42 limit enabled viewer and join over 25 groups you don't have to worry about loosing the groups when logging into Second Life Viewer 1.x they will remain and you have access to them just you will not be able to join any more.

A group can own land and objects via deeding. See group objects for information on restrictions.




Some users erroneously refer to a linked set of prims as a "group".

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