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LSL Wiki : llGetLandOwnerAt

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key llGetLandOwnerAt(vector pos)

Returns the key of the land owner at pos or NULL_KEY if the land is public. (Public land still technically exists, but is almost never seen. If you see any, it's probably a bug since public land is supposed to automaticly revert to Governor Linden)

Note: since land can also be owned by groups, this function doesn't always return a reference to an agent, presumably the key returned is the group key. In theory, this could be used llRequestAgentData and the dataserver event could be used to try and correlate this to a given agent, then timer run to automatically time out if the reference isn't found in a reasonable amount of time. (llRequestAgentData doesn't return an error if it attempts to look up a key that doesn't belong to an agent.) Unfortunately, this isn't foolproof or fast, and may result in false negatives. There is no way for a script to determine the actual details of the group, regardless.

This is affected by the same relative/absolute bug as llGround, in that when you attach an object with the function, it'll report from the southwest corner (0,0) instead of relative to the object's location. -Ice

Preliminary tests reveal that this function's argument is always interpreted as an absolute position now. -St. Psaltery

Also useful: llOverMyLand.

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