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LSL Wiki : llRemoteDataReply

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llRemoteDataReply(key channel, key message_id, string sdata, integer idata)

Send an XML-RPC reply to the request with message_id on channel with payload of string sdata and integer idata. The size of sdata is limited to 254 characters.

This function is used to reply to XML-RPC requests received via the remote_data event.

Note: This function delays the script for 3.0 seconds.

Additional notes:
Even though you can specify the channel you are replying to, if you direct a second script (via a link_message) to reply on your behalf (in order to get around the 3-second enforced delay, for example), it does not work. RPC channels are script-specific, and you can only reply to requests received within the same script. --TalarusLuan

Note that the message_id field returned by the remote_data event will be NULL_KEY. This should be passed through to llRemoteDataReply.
It is apparently a place holder for some future functionality that is not implemented yet.

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