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LSL Wiki : llLoadURL

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llLoadURL(key avatar_id, string message, string url)

llLoadURL displays a dialog box to the user offering to load a web page using the default web browser.

The URL given must begin with "http://" or "https://"; it will not work with other protocols such as ftp, telnet, secondlife, etc. If a user mutes an object, they will not receive any URL offers from that object. (Note: For those still running the pre-voice clients (1.18.0(6) or less; for UI or Voice incompatibility reasons?), muting the object or avatar does NOT stop llLoadURL boxes from appearing.)

The url is truncated to 255 characters and message is truncated to 254 characters.
This function delays the script for 10 seconds.
This function only works on a user within the same sim as the object calling it.

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0), "Flame on!", "");

Q: Can I use this with a secondlife:// URL?
A: No, use llMapDestination to do that.

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