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LSL Wiki : llSetLocalRot

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llSetLocalRot(rotation rot)

Sets the rotation of a child prim relative to the root prim.

Note: This function delays the script for 0.2 seconds.

Use llGetLocalRot to get the local rotation.

To set the rotation of a child prim around its local axis, use llGetLocalRot and llSetLocalRot. This way, the entire object can be rotated any direction and the child prim will still rotate properly.

Compare with llSetRot, which sets the rotation of the entire linkset.

Q: Does llSetLocalRot work on attachments?
A: As of SL 1.7 this is possible.

Q: How do I perform this with llSetPrimitiveParams on a child of an attached prim?
A: You need to know the local rotation of the root prim of the the attachment and divide your target rotation by the root's local rotation.

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