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LSL Wiki : llSetRot

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llSetRot(rotation rot)

If an object is non-physical, sets the rotation to rot. In a linked set, this will be root-relative.
If the object is a child in a linked physical set, this function will also work (see ChildRotation).

Like llSetPos, use llSetRot to rotate an attachment.

For rotation on physical tasks see llRotLookAt.

For the translational analog, see llSetPos.

To set the rotation of a child prim, use llSetLocalRot.

Beginners are often confused about the difference between this function and llTargetOmega. llTargetOmega makes the object SPIN with the specified angular velocity. llSetRot just turns it ONCE to face in a particular direction.

Note: This function delays the script for 0.2 seconds.

To determine the rotation of an object, use llGetRot.
To simultaneously set many object parameters including rotation, and position, use llSetPrimitiveParams.

Q: Does llSetRot work on attachments?
A: Yes.

Q: I need to set both the rotation and position of a prim at once. My object looks jerky and weird without it.
A: You want llSetPrimitiveParams.

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