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LSL Wiki : llGetRot

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rotation llGetRot()

Returns the object's rotation. If called from a script that is attached to an avatar, it will return the avatar's rotation. To get an attachment's rotation relative to the attach point use llGetLocalRot.

Note: the tooltip in the LSL editor erroneously states "gets the rotation (if the script isn't physical)". Aside from the fact that the the script itself can't be physical (they obviously mean the object containing the script), that line is wrong anyway. llGetRot does work if the object is physical.

Compare with llGetLocalRot and llGetRootRotation. See also llGetPos and llGetPrimitiveParams.

llGetRot() doesn't return the accurate rotation of the avatar. Repeated calls may or may not return different results. Changing your angle under 3 degrees often doesn't show any change at all to the result.

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