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LSL Wiki : llVolumeDetect

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llVolumeDetect(integer detect)

When detect = TRUE, this makes the entire link set the script is attached to phantom. But, if another object interpenetrates it, it will get a collision_start event. When an object stops interpenetrating, a collision_end event is generated. While the other is interpenetrating, collision events are NOT generated. The script must be applied to the root object of the link set to get the collision events. Collision filters work normally (see llCollisionFilter).

The object can NOT be set to phantom by any other means, or else llVolumeDetect will not work. llVolumeDetect will set phantom automatically.

llVolumeDetect(TRUE); // turns llVolumeDetect on.

A script that uses llVolumeDetect will say "Attachments cannot use llVolumeDetect." if the object containing the script is attached at the time llVolumeDetect is called. If llVolumeDetect is used in an attachment, the collision events will still be triggered.

When enabled llVolumeDetect will remain in effect as long as there is a script on the object. It will be automatically removed when the last script is deleted, however the phantom state will persist.


Note on the 'collision' event not being triggered for llVolumeDetect, you can easily work around this limitation by calling:

at the end of the 'collision_start' event. This will retrigger 'collision_start' as long as the object is penetrated!
- SylvainDevin

This no longer seems to be the case. At least as of 4/12/2010 only one 'collision_start' event is triggered per penetration whether or not llVolumeDetect is toggled in the 'collision_start' event or elsewhere in the script.
- TagistophelesBasiat

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