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LSL Wiki : collision_end

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collision_end(integer num_detected)

This event handler is raised when another object or avatar stops colliding with the object the script is attached to. The number of detected objects is passed to the script in num_detected. Information on those objects may be gathered via the llDetected* library functions. Collisions are also generated if an avatar bumps into or walks on top of an object.

default {
    collision_end(integer num_detected) {
        llSay(0, llDetectedName(0) + " has stopped colliding with me!");

collision_end() and Linked Objects:
In a linked object, place a collision_end event in the root prim to affect the whole object, not just the root prim.
To prevent collisions on a specific child prim from being relayed to the parent, place an empty collision_end event in the child.
To pass collisions on to the parent from a child with a collision_end event, use llPassCollisions.

Compare with collision and collision_start.

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