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"Lindens" is the colloquial term used in reference to the collective group of users who are employees of Linden Lab, LLC, the company that owns, operates, and develops Second Life. Lindens always use an account whose surname is "Linden." A user with this last name is an authority figure. Although there are a variety of roles filled by Linden Lab employees (developers, database admins, system admins, artists, etc.), most users interact with Linden Lab employees who work in a special "community representative" role, the liaison.

LSL-Knowledgeable Lindens

For bug discussion or questions about what makes LSL tick, contact these Lindens.

Name Specialization
Andrew programmer (physics engine, server-side)
Babbage script runtime programmer
Content stunt scripter?
Cory Lead Developer
Haney scripting
Kelly general, particles
Runitai occlusion
Steve general (lighting, LOD)
Yadweb flexible prims
Source: Linden Profiles,, and other forum posts.

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