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LSL Wiki : LOD

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LOD (level-of-detail) is a method of changing something's detail level (hence the name) relative to how far that thing is from the camera on-the-fly (dynamically, real-time, etc). In Second Life, LOD specifically refers to terrain, tree, primitive, and object/avatar polygon complexity. For example, a sphere may be made up of 128 polygons originally but, say, at 10m distance from the camera, LOD will reduce that polygon count to 64 polygons; at 15m, 32 polygons, etc. Avatars have 4 LODs. Given the lack of hidden surface removal (HSR) in SL, LOD is a necessity in order to reduce lag and improve framerate. However, occlusion helps.

LOD also includes texture mipmapping.

SL's preferences has various "detail" options (object, flexible, tree, avatar) that will adjust the LOD limits.

It is the opinion of some, that since SL 1.9.1, the interface options for setting detail preferences has become less intuitive. So much so that they feel it confuses the users.


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