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LSL Wiki : llSetObjectName

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llSetObjectName(string name)

Sets the object/prim's name to name

NOTE: As of Jan 31, 2008 all object names are truncated to 63 characters. (as per Jira SVC-674).
The way it used to work: Limited to 63 characters being displayed and edited in SL client but upto 255 can be saved (llSetObjectName)and retrieved (llGetObjectName and llKey2Name) via scripts. Using llSetObjectName on the "server object" and llKey2Name on the "client object" can allow object to object communications within the same sim up to 255 chars.

Use llGetObjectName to get the object's name.

This can be used in any prim in a linked object. This can be useful if you wish to identify which linked prim is communicating via llHTTPRequest, llInstantMessage, llEmail, llWhisper, llSay, llShout or llOwnerSay.

Note: It's possible to see the prim name in edit mode using the "Edit linked parts" option, so don't use this to store sensitive data.

Calling llSetObjectName in an object worn as a HUD will change its name, but only while it is worn. In inventory, the name change will not be reflected. Taking it off and re-wearing the HUD is like renaming it back to what it was before your script renamed it. (Same with all attached objects as far as i can tell - Buzzsaw)

You can also access or change a prim's description field with llGetObjectDesc and llSetObjectDesc.

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