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LSL Wiki : llGetObjectDesc

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string llGetObjectDesc()

Returns the description of the scripted object/prim. You can set the description using llSetObjectDesc.

The description is limited to 127 characters.

Note: Prims in linked objects each have their own descriptions. Setting the description in the parent will not change that of any child prims, and vice-versa. There is no way to set the description of a different prim in the linkset; to do that, you need to use link messages. However, to get the description of a different prim in a linkset, you may either use link messages or llGetObjectDetails with llGetLinkKey.

See also llGetObjectName.

Q: How do I get the description of another object?
A: See llGetObjectDetails.

*When an object's description is a blank string (), and you take it into inventory, SL automatically replaces the description with the string, "(No Description)". You can go into the object's properties in your inventory and change it back to blank () and it will stay that way. - Gistya

*Characters will be automatically escaped when read. ie. "/n" in the description will be read as //n by the script. -YosefEnoch

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