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LSL Wiki : llGetObjectName

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string llGetObjectName()

Returns the first 256 characters of the scripted prim's name.
NOTE: as of Jan 31, 2008 all object names are truncated to 63 characters. (as per Jira SVC-674).

Use llSetObjectName to change the prim's name.

An object's description field can be modified and read with llSetObjectDesc and llGetObjectDesc.

To find other objects' names, see llKey2Name and llDetectedName.

To get the name of the script itself, use llGetScriptName.

To get the name of a linked prim, use llGetLinkName.

If the script is not in the root prim of an object, it returns the name of the linked prim that the script is in. In this case use llGetLinkName with a parameter of 1 to obtain the name of the actual multi-prim object.

Note: Characters will be automatically escaped when read. ie. "/n" in the name will be read as "//n" by the script. -YosefEnoch

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