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LSL Wiki : llSetObjectDesc

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llSetObjectDesc(string name)

Sets the description of the scripted prim to name. You can get the description using llGetObjectDesc.

The description is limited to 127 characters.

Note: Prims in linked objects each have their own descriptions. Setting the description in the parent will not change that of any child prims, and vice-versa. There is no way to set the description of a different prim in the linkset; to do that, you need to use link messages. However, to get the description of a different prim in a linkset, you may either use link messages or llGetObjectDetails with llGetLinkKey.

It's possible to see the description of a child prim by using the "Edit linked parts" editing option, so don't use this to store sensitive data.

See also llSetObjectName.

Note: V1.12 Pipe symbols don't work in the description field.
The pipe symbol doesn't work in object names either, this is because the format that LL uses for serializing inventory for transmission to the user, uses pipe as a separator. This was removed back in 1.5 or 1.6. -- BW

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