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LSL Wiki : llDetectedRot

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rotation llDetectedRot(integer number)

Returns the rotation of detected object or agent number. (Returns ZERO_ROTATION (<0,0,0,1>) if number is not a valid sensed object.)

Agents that are not in mouselook can only turn around the world Z-axis (unless click-dragging the mouse cursor on the avatar), while those that are in mouselook can rotate in all three directions (the rotation returned here is actually that of the head, i.e. where the avatar is facing). This makes it possible to usually determine if a user is in mouselook or not (the chance that a user manages to look straight and level in mouselook is pretty small).

// determine if someone is in mouselook or not
// this method is incorrectly reporting someone to be out of mouselook when they
// reset their camera by pressing escape, then enter mouselook and hold their mouse still
default {
    state_entry() {
        llSensorRepeat("", llGetOwner(), AGENT, 50.0, PI, 0.5); // sensor for the scripts owner
    sensor(integer num_detected) {
        rotation rot = llDetectedRot(0); // the owner's rotation
        if (llVecMag(<rot.x, rot.y, 0>) > 0.001) {
            // yup, we're in mouselook
            llSetColor(<0, 0, 1>, ALL_SIDES);
        } else {
            // nope, not in mouselook
            llSetColor(<1, 1, 1>, ALL_SIDES);


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