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LSL Wiki : touch

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touch(integer num_detected)

This event is repeatedly triggered while a user (agent) is clicking on ("touching") the object containing the script.

The total number of touching agents is passed to the script in the num_detected parameter. Information on those agents may be gathered via the llDetected* functions.

Lag/Performance Advisory:
Be aware that the touch_start() event is recommended for virtually all cases where you need to touch an object. The only time you should be using touch() is when you actually need the object to be receiving touch updates several times a second. Additionally, a bug has recently been discovered that causes the touch() event to continue reporting touches after the object has stopped being touched. There is no word yet on a fix. For both these reasons, touch_start() is recommended over touch(), unless absolutely necessary.

Event: Triggered: Triggered multiple times:
touch() while a user is clicking on the object. YES
touch_start() when a user starts clicking on the object. NO
touch_end() when a user stops clicking on the object. NO


See also the llSetTouchText and llPassTouches functions.

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