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LSL Wiki : llPassTouches

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llPassTouches(integer pass)

In a linked object, llPassTouches controls whether touches are passed from a child prim on to the parent, or handled locally.

To block touches from being passed to the parent prim, the child prim must contain a script with a touch_start, touch, or touch_end event handler.

If the child does not have a touch_start, touch, or touch_end event handler, touches are automatically passed to the parent, whether or not llPassTouches(FALSE) has been set. An empty touch event in the child prim will still allow the prim to be clicked, but will not pass touches on to the parent.

In the absence of one of these three events, all touches will be passed to the parent by default.

llPassTouches is used when you do want touches to be sent to the parent prim, when the child already contains a script with a touch_start, touch, or touch_end event handler. To accomplish this, put llPassTouches(TRUE) in the script in the child prim. This will only cause the prim in question to pass its touches to the parent.

When passing touches, to determine what prim in the linkset has been touched, use llDetectedLinkNumber in the parent prim.

Remember, touches are not collisions! Touches are when the object is clicked. If you want collisions, try llPassCollisions.

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