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LSL Wiki : llDetectedGrab

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vector llDetectedGrab(integer number)

Returns the grab offset of detected object number (returns <0,0,0> if number is not a valid sensed object).

This is the direction the object (must be moveable) is being dragged in.

If the object is moving on its own (see dynamics), and this function is triggered, it returns <0,0,0>.

As of SL 1.8.2(7), this function works on both physics-enabled and non-physical objects.

    touch(integer num_detected)

Note: Unlike the other llDetected* functions, llDetectedGrab will only return a meaningful value in the touch() event.

HUD Attachments
In the case of HUD attachments, llDetectedGrab will always be relative to the direction the avatar is facing. This means that you can produce a script that will allow you to use llDetectedGrab in HUD attachments; however, it will not perform correctly if you move the camera around. Regardless of where they appear to be on your screen, HUD attachments are still attachments, which are fixed to the avatar's rotation, despite appearances to the contrary.

Q: I can't get this to work. What's going on?
A: Is llDetectedGrab inside your touch() event? If it's within touch_start() or touch_end(), it won't work.

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