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The following nonsense is an e-mail written by a LSL geek to his partner (another LSL geek) after a crazy night.
Feel free to modify this and add whatever you think fits.

Dear baby:

    How is it going? I'm llEmail()'ing you llCos() I have the urgent need to llSay() something.
    You know we're all llSin()'ners, but I did something that makes me want to jump off the llEdgeOfWorld() and llDie().
    It all started when my friend invited us to his club, which had a huge llRound() dance-llFloor().
    There was a guy who kept llShout()'ing on the mic cool things about me. He had this hot latino llTan() and some
    rock-hard llAbs() that made him really attractive. Then he joined the llSameGroup() I was in and started
    llWhisper()'ing naughty things in my ear. He pretended not to like me, but he did llGiveMoney() to me and told me to
    go buy me a drink. I swear I bought something that looked just like plain llWater()! I had no clue it had alcohol
    or that it would make me feel as if I were flying above the llCloud()'s. Before I knew it, he had done his magic
    and llTeleportAgentHome()'ed me. Only thing is... it was HIS home. When I started sobering up and noticed him
    all over me, I said "Hey! llLookAt() that!" and he turned to see what I was llPointAt(). I saw this as an opportunity
    and llUnSit()'ed from his couch as I llPushObject()'ed him. When he came back down and hit the llGround(), I
    llMakeExplosion()'ed his house and watched him burn to ashes and fly with the llWind().
    But, hey! llListen(), I really want to see you again and hope you will forgive me.
    Alright... Time for me to get some llSleep().

    Sincerely yours,
    llGetMass()/2 (Your other half.)
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