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LSL Wiki : llPushObject

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llPushObject(key id, vector impulse, vector angular_impulse, integer local)

Applies impulse and angular_impulse to object or avatar id.

local is a boolean (TRUE/FALSE) value that specifies whether or not the push is relative to id's rotation. If local is FALSE, whatever or whomever you're trying to push will move in the same direction, regardless of the target object/avatar's rotation.

llPushObject is not relative to the rotation of the prim containing your script.
llPushObject only works on avatars and physical objects.

A heavier (more massive) object will move another object more than a lighter object with the same impulse applied. Similarly, a heavier object, when being pushed, will not go as far as a lighter object with the same impulse. To have an object push different-sized objects at the same speed, multiply impulse by the mass of the object being pushed. llGetObjectMass can be used to obtain the mass of an object or avatar anywhere within the same sim.

There is no upper range limitation, but falloff is calculated by 1/r³: the further this object is from id, the weaker the push will be. The push will fall off proportional to the cube of the distance (radius) between the two objects.

Use this to calculate and counteract the falloff on a push:
Power*llPow(llVecDist(llGetPos(), TargetPos), 3);

Q: Does multiplying the velocity by the mass of the target also make up for the difference bettwen small and large pushers?

In practice it looks like vector impulse numbers over 2147483647 will push to a lesser degree even zero push (integer maximum -- curious!). I know at some stage in the past LL limited how hard llPushObject pushed; maybe they chose the integer maximum as a cutoff. Of course this doesn't stop you using multiple llPushObjects. ;) -Psyke Phaeton

Q: When using this function on an attachment is the mass of the pushing object used (larger object greater push) or the mass of the avatar?

Q: It seems when I use this call this function in a mega prim it doesn't work. I'm using the exact same script that works fine in a normal 10x10x10 so is this on purpose, or can you think of another reason why it wouldn't work?

Note that using this function to grief other users will result in an abuse report being filed. If you want to remove someone from your land, use llEjectFromLand. llPushObject is not to be used for that.

As of version 1.11.1 (1) of Second Life, pushing can be set to "restricted" on a parcel by the land owner. This stops llPushObject from being used upon avatars other than the owner of the script (self-pushing is still allowed). Scripts owned by the land owner can still use llPushObject on any avatar, and pushing of non-avatar objects is unaffected.

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