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LSL Wiki : llPow

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float llPow(float base, float exp)

Returns base raised to the exp.

llSay(0,(string)llPow(3.0, 2.0)); // returns 9 (3*3)
llSay(0,(string)llPow(4.0, 5.0)); // returns 1024 (4*4*4*4*4)

Remember, roots can be expressed as powers. For example,
llSqrt(4.0);        //Using the math library's square root function
llPow(4.0, 1.0/2.0);    //Using a power to return a square root

This means that one can manage a cube root, or any other root. A cube root would be expressed as
llPow(27.0, 1.0/3.0);

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