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LSL Wiki : llEdgeOfWorld

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integer llEdgeOfWorld(vector pos, vector dir)

Returns TRUE if the line along the direction dir from the position pos hits the edge of the world in the current simulator. Returns FALSE if that line crosses into another simulator.

Basic Example:
// returns TRUE if you're in a sim with no neighbor to the north, otherwise FALSE.
llEdgeOfWorld(llGetPos(), <0, 1, 0>)

Useful Example:
You're probably more interested in knowing if, while travelling from here to there, you would fall off the world. This function will tell you:

integer wouldGoOffWorld(vector here, vector there)
    if (there.x < 0 || there.x > 256 || there.y < 0 || there.y > 256)
        return llEdgeOfWorld(here, there - here);
        return FALSE;

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