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// newbienag.lsl
// Give an inventory object only to newbies
// Written by Kex Godel on March 20, 2005
// Released under Creative Commons Attribution license
// This script gives an inventory item only if the person who collides with
// the object is under a certian age.
// Features:
// - Remembers who it already recently checked, so it does not bother looking 
//   them up again
// - Relays to other nearby objects with the same name running the same script
//   to let them know it has already checked this person and served them.
// - Age checking code incorporates leap days until 2100
// - Timeout will resume work if dataserver doesn't respond

// maximum newbie age to recieve item
integer NEWBIE_DAYS = 14; 

// how long to wait for the dataserver before giving up

// length of FIFO list of people to remember you already gave to.
integer NAG_LIST_LENGTH = 25; 

// channel to communicate to other same objects to let them know you already gave.
integer MULTI_CONTROL_CHANNEL = 861562;  

key gDataserveKey = NULL_KEY;
integer gLastCollisionTime = 0;
string gDetectedName;
string gDetectedKey;

list recentlyNagged;

// Return number of days since 2000-01-01
integer datestamp(integer year, integer month, integer day){
    year = year - 2000;
    list monthdays = [0,31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31];
    integer i=1;
    integer sum = year * 365 + (year/4) + day; 
        if( (i != 2) || (year % 4 != 0)){
        }else {
    if(year % 4 == 0){
        return sum - 1;
    return sum;

// Convert the SL date string type (yyyy-mm-dd) to days since 2000-01-01
integer date2datestamp(string date){
    integer year = (integer)date;
    integer month = (integer)llGetSubString(date,5,6);
    integer day = (integer)llGetSubString(date,8,9);
    return datestamp(year,month,day);

// Add someone to our short-term do-not-nag list
addRecentlyNagged(string name){
        if(llGetListLength(recentlyNagged) > NAG_LIST_LENGTH){
            recentlyNagged = llDeleteSubList(recentlyNagged,0,0);

// Check if someone is already on our do-not-nag list
integer wasRecentlyNagged(string name){
    if(llListFindList(recentlyNagged,[name]) > -1){
        return TRUE;
    return FALSE;

// Get someone's age in days based on the current date (PST)
integer getAge(string timestr){
    integer todayDate = date2datestamp(llGetTimestamp());
    integer agentBirthDate = date2datestamp(timestr);
    return todayDate - agentBirthDate;

        gDataserveKey = NULL_KEY;
        gLastCollisionTime = 0;
    listen(integer ch, string name, key id, string msg){
    collision_start(integer cnt){
        integer i;
            string name = llDetectedName(i);
                // check if already making a request, or if the request has timed out
                if(gDataserveKey == NULL_KEY || (gLastCollisionTime + DATASERVER_TIMEOUT < llGetTime())){
                    gDetectedName = name;
                    gDetectedKey = llDetectedKey(0);

                    llSay(MULTI_CONTROL_CHANNEL,gDetectedName); // pass the message on not to nag

                    gDataserveKey = llRequestAgentData(gDetectedKey,DATA_BORN);
    dataserver(key req, string data){
        if(req == gDataserveKey){
            if(getAge(data) <= NEWBIE_DAYS){
                // do nothing for oldbies
            gDataserveKey = NULL_KEY; // clear so a new request can be made
I corrected a problem within the datestamp function. 2 occurances of variable month being used where i should have been used instead. - AakanaarLaSalle

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