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Chapter 5: An Introduction to Primitive Parameters

Particles and SetText and Spam, Spam, Spam, Eggs, SetText and Spam, Spam Spam and...

One of the most useful things a script can do is change around the properties of a primitive. Here's a simple introduction to some of these parameters.

All of these properties are permanent (even when the script is removed), so make sure to save a copy of your work before using these!

Floating Text
llSetText is the simplest of parameters. This will allow you to add floating text to your prims.

Particles and Textures
llParticleSystem, by contrast, is rapidly becoming one of the most complex systems around. Fortunately, many residents have gone out of their way to pierce the miasma of the particle system. Here is one such example. Here is a more efficient one.
llCollisionSprite lets you change the displayed sprite when the object hits something (or vice versa).
llSetTextureAnim can set a texture animation.

llLoopSound allows you to loop a sound constantly in an object.
llPlaySound plays a sound once, with the object as the emitter.
llTriggerSound triggers a sound, but does not associate it with the object, so the sound does not follow the object.
llCollisionSound changes the sound when a prim hits something (or vice versa).

Sit Targets and Camera Stuff
llSitTarget allows you to modify the sit target of a prim.
llSetSitText and llSetTouchText allow you to edit the text that appears in the pie menu for certain actions.
You can also modify where the prim sends your camera when you sit on it.

Script-Related Goodies
llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin can be used for sending scripts to objects with llRemoteLoadScriptPin.

Other Primitive Parameters
llSetPrimitiveParams includes all the other core primitive stuff, including shape, size, appearance, position, rotation, kitchen sink, scale...
For more, see here.

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